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 What I Ate In Mexico | #LAWM

What I Ate In Mexico | #LAWM


Mexico is known for its food, although what we commonly think of as Mexican food in the United States is actually Tex-Mex and it varies some south of the border.  Did you know that tacos are considered at late night snack and not readily available all day? Me either.

I didn't eat at a ton of  restuarants while in Orizaba, but most of the ones I tried were good. My friend Rakia probably made the best Mexican dishes I had while there. Most of the meals I ate were prepared by me, at home. I ate lots of avocados, beans, rice, tortillas, and fresh produce.

My time there was great for maintaining my pescatarian diet. I decided to eliminate "land meats" from my diet last year after ongoing struggles with ovarian cysts and fibroids. I've been pescatarian before for short periods of time, and I'm proud to say, I've  maintained it for over a year now.


I thought eating in Mexico was going to be a struggle because Mexicans love their meat, but surprisingly, living there actually improved my diet. Because of the dearth and cheapness of fresh produce everywhere, I increased my fruit and veggie intake and actually ate less seafood.

One thing I loved about food in Mexico is that the fruits, veggies, and herbs were much more flavorful there than in the United States. I don't know if any of the food I ate there was organic, but I do know it was grown locally and offered in a rawer (i.e. with roots attached) form. It's easier to eat more produce when you can taste the freshness.


I shopped weekly at my neighborhood produce stand and went to the grocery store about once a month. There was also a larger market nearby called Cerritos that I used to frequent. Cerritos is good for buying bulk dry goods, but since I lived alone I didn't need to restock often.

For the most part I kept my meals simple, only using a few main ingredients. I'll definitely be sharing more of my minimalist eating strategies in my forthcoming ebook, The Lazy Minimalist.


I mentioned earlier that I changed my diet to help improve issues with ovarian cysts and fibroids.  After having two periods in one month last June (2017), I knew I needed to make changes and decided to revisit pescatarianism. I also made waist-beads with my intentions for wellness that I wear and tried yoni steaming a couple of times. I do believe though, changing my diet has been most effective. 


When I got back to the states I had a new ultrasound and I'm happy to report there were no significant changes in my cysts and fibroids.  My cycle has also become lighter. 

I do believe that what we eat has a direct effect on our health and I will continue my current diet as long as it's working for me.  

While there, my friend Rakia also decided to become pescatarian for health reasons. She is a great cook and below is one of the dishes she made. I told her she needs to open up a restaurant in Orizaba. I'm happy to say she's still pescatarian 7 months later!

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