This is a diary of my simple, creative life. I've been on my simple living journey for nearly six years and counting! For me, minimalism is the lens through which I create my own world and understand the world around me.  I'm also the founder of Black Minimalists, a community created specifically for black folx living simply and intentionally.

Want to get free? Pick up my practical guide, Live Simply & Be Free and take the Black Minimalists mini-course, Black & Minimalist.

Read my past writings on minimalism here and check out my features below.

I’ve recently dived back into my art practice, I’m exploring the intersections of simplicity and creativity. Currently, my medium is physical and digital collage, including tarot art design.

Interested in my tarot deck, Black Rebirth Major Arcana, you can purchase it here.

I enjoy going on domestic and international adventures. I lived abroad in the city of Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico from Fall 2018 to Spring 2018, which was one of my life goals and I talked about my experiences here

Send messages, inquiries, and opportunities to  yolanda@yolandavacree.com.