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2018 Mid Year Check-In

2018 Mid Year Check-In


So we're now in the second half of 2018! Why is it the older you get, the faster time seems to pass? In the spirit of accountability and transparency, I've decided to see how or if my actions over the past 6 months have been aligned with the intentions I set in January.

Personal Intentions

Pescatarian Diet

I'm still going strong and actually had my one year anniversary in June. I plan to continue this diet for as long as it makes sense and I believe it has been the biggest contributor to my improved reproductive health. Even though I haven't eaten land meat in over a year, every time I get a whiff of some fried chicken, I contemplate risking it all for a flat!

Healthy Financial Habits

This has been a struggle lately, especially the last couple of months as I'm figuring out how to earn a living doing the things I love. I've made my desires clear and I'm putting in the work. As there are 5 months left in this year, I'm working to turn things around. I'm confident I can pay off the little bit of credit card debt I've accumulated, but this private student loan is a whole 'notha story!

Visit A New Country

This didn't happen while I was in Mexico and I haven't made any plans for this as of yet. I haven't ruled it out, but it's no longer a priority for 2018. If it happens it will be a spontaneous, last minute trip.

Mastering Spanish

My Spanish definitely improved after spending 6 months in Mexico. I would say I'm fluent, but at a beginner/intermediate level of fluency and not a master yet. I define fluency as being able to communicate successfully in the given language. Since I've been back, I have not been practicing regularly, but my phone is still in Spanish and I've used the Gritty Spanish app


I'm definitely excelling here! I started observing the moon phases and purchased more crystals for energy work while still in Mexico. Since coming back to the States I have continued these practices and added more. My visit to the South stirred some things up too and I had my first reiki session in June. Look out for a more detailed post on this in the near future.

Business Intentions

Sharing More

I have absolutely shared more digitally than I did last year, even participating in VEDA for about 22 of the 30 days (lol) via Instagram in April. While I haven't shared something somewhere every single day, I do manage to share something 2-3 times a week and I'm comfortable with this. I recently joined a #BlackJoy meditation challenge hosted by Black Imagination


My relationship with coaching is evolving. While I enjoy it, after getting back into coaching at the beginning of this year, I've realized the way I practice it is no longer sustainable for me. Coaching has been suspended via this site and Black Minimalists, but we are thinking about how to make it more sustainable and in alignment with our personal and business goals.

Minimalist Memoir

This is still happening! Though my birthday has passed, I'm still planning to release it by the end of this year. I re-released Live Simply & Be Free this month and I'm working on The Lazy Minimalist next. 

Jewelry Making

New jewelry is coming soon! I was struggling with this in the beginning of the year. As my minimalist journey evolves, I'm called to further interrogate my participation in consumerism, capitalism, and the draining of the earth's resources. I think I've found a balance though. Instead of purchasing all new materials to make jewelry, I'm looking for pieces in thrift stores and other second-hand shops that I can upcycle. I also have various supplies leftover from past years I want to use up. I'm not sure on incorporating crystals because they aren't readily available in the thrift shops I frequent, but if I come across some in my travels that I'm drawn too, I will pick them up. Recycling materials to create something new is definitely going to be a challenge to my creativity and this will absolutely be an experiment in slow art-making, but it's worth it!

Black Minimalists

Sustainability is a main theme this year. We celebrated our first anniversary in May and came to the conclusion we are evolving. BM is currently on hiatus for the summer, but stay tuned because we are working on something that will take us deeper into community.


So that's it. I'd say it's been a pretty good first half overall. I can't believe how much I've learned and changed just in 6 months, lawd! 

How did the first half of the year go for you? Are you still on track?

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