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Your Minimal Self

Your Minimal Self


Your Minimal Self

Your minimal self is your authentic self. It comprises who you are and what you stand for. Your personal brand. Understanding your minimal self is necessary for achieving your goals and creating the life you want.

There are four main components to help you craft the foundation of your minimal self and personal brand. Your core values, mantra, manifesto, and mission statement form your foundation.

Core Values

Per Google’s definition, values are a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgement of what’s important in life.

Your core values are your top values. You can have tens or hundreds of values, but your core values are the ones that inform and guide the important decisions in your life.

You must know what these values are and understand what they mean for you. Before you set goals, declutter, or make any changes in your life, you need to know your core values.

Core values are not tangible, but rather intrinsic motivations. I like money, but I don’t value it because it’s an object. I value what money can facilitate in my life: freedom.

Freedom is my number one core value by the way. Read why.

Your core values may not be immediately apparent. You’re going to have look back over you life and examine those life altering experiences, your passions, the things you keep returning to.

Look at the things you have in your life that love and think about want you still want for your life, and ask yourself why these things are important.

Once you know what your core values are, you can work on the other components.


Mantras are the words that center you, calm you, motivate, and empower you. It can be one word or statement you repeat during meditation or prayer. It can also be your tagline or motto.

In Sanskrit, a mantra is defined as a tool (-tra) of the mind (man-).


Your manifesto is your personal proclamation. It’s your detailed policy for who you are, what you represent, and what you envision.

Your manifesto will include some of the following statements.

How you will define yourself.

How you will face challenges.

How you will interact with others.

How you will commit to eliminating all forms of clutter from your life.

How your work will support the vision you have for your life.

This is what you’re going to read when the doubts and fears creep into your life and threaten to derail your goals.

For inspiration, read this article from Lifehack.

Mission Statement

Your mission statement is more detailed than your mantra and a distilled version of your manifesto.

Your mission statement will encapsulate your core goals, values, and beliefs. It’s the elevator pitch of your life. This is a succinct summary and I recommend keeping it 1-3 sentences in length.

Use these tips to take action in defining your minimal self and building your personal brand foundation.

How do you cultivate your personal brand?

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