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20 Questions for a Minimalist Mindset

The minimalist mindset is the key to creating a life of freedom. The most significant factor in changing your life is changing your mindset.

This is something I had to learn when I began my journey. Every action is tied to a thought, be it conscious or subconscious.

If you don't change how you think about the clutter in your life, you may find yourself back at the starting line after all of your hard work to declutter.

If you have not started the minimizing process, if you are in the midst and have found yourself stuck, or if you have made significant headway and want to go further into the minimalist lifestyle, these questions are for you.

I have compiled a list of 20 questions to help you probe your thought patterns and answer questions that may arise as you declutter your life.

Jumpstart your minimalist mindset with these questions.

  1. What do I want to get rid of?
  2. What do I want to gain that I don’t already have?
  3. What does freedom look like to me?
  4. What is one memory I could never part with?
  5. What is one item I could never part with?
  6. What am I afraid of losing?
  7. What consumes most of my time?
  8. What do I want to make time for?
  9. What consumes most of my space?
  10. What do I want to make space for?
  11. What do I need clarity on in my life?
  12. What am I thankful for?
  13. What would my life look like with less?
  14. What is priceless to me?
  15. In what areas do I accumulate the most clutter?
  16. What influences me to consume?
  17. What will most improve in my life by living simply?
  18. What are my values?
  19. What are my goals?
  20. What are the limits of my comfort zone?


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