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The Lazy Minimalist

Lazy people get a bad rap because laziness is often associated with being irresponsible and unmotivated.

I disagree that laziness is a bad thing.

When used correctly, it can actually save you time, money, and energy, which makes it minimalist too.

I identify as a lazy minimalist and have put together some tips from my experiences to help you embrace the lazy minimalist within you.

  • Communicate directly. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Beating around the bush leads to confusion. I don't like small talk.
  • Have a limited wardrobe. You can easily decide what you want to wear and repeat outfits often. I sometimes wear outfits for two days in a row. The second part may not be for everyone, but I find it easier for me and my schedule.
  • Cook the same meals often and eat leftovers for a few days. You cut down on the frequency of grocery shopping and cooking. It also leads to less food wasted.
  • Create a flexible work schedule. Whether you work from home, telework, or some other alternative, work as many or as few hours as you need to get the job done. Working from home allows you to forego the business casual attire, pointless meetings, and commuting.
  • Make short to-do lists. Focus on the most important things for that day. Decide which part of the day you prefer to get things done.  Forget about all those non-essential tasks that can wait. It's not about the amount of things you complete, but the importance of the things completed.
  • Get rid of (more) stuff. Less stuff to clean, store, organize, and look at.
  • Simplify your personal maintenance. This will largely depend on your style and comfort level with your hygiene, but it's worth a try. Cut your hair or get an easily maintainable style. Shower every other day and take more bird baths. You will use less products and water. Wear less makeup and embrace the natural look. Consider piercings and tattoos as one-time, permanent style upgrades.

I believe a lot of the “extra” stuff we do in life is because we want others to think a certain way of us. Laziness can help you view your life as a cost/benefit analysis. You can obtain the maximum benefit with the least effort.

It's not just being lazy or minimalist, but smart.

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