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Eco-Friendly Tips on a Minimalist Journey

Eco-Friendly Tips on a Minimalist Journey


This is a guest feature by Maggi of CluelessCurl.com.

Congratulations! Kudos to you for taking this step. I'm on the journey as well and I shared it here. This journey is complex, but don't be discouraged. I would suggest writing down why you want to do it, so when you get frustrated you can look at why you started in the first place. Doing that will help you find and understand what matters most.

I have a few simple, eco-friendly tips I'd like to share. They have greatly helped me along the way. As always, everyone's journey is not the same. Again, find what's most important to you and go from there. Start small and you'll gradually see how far you've come.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- Don't throw those containers out yet! Why not reuse them to reduce your carbon footprint. They can make great storage containers or you can use them for something else. Here are some ideas to get you started. Be creative!

DIY- This is a favorite of mines. Learning how to do these projects will save you time and money. One such project that I'm most proud of is making my own skin care products. For years, I suffered from oily/acne prone skin and I wanted to do something about it. I spent hours researching valuable information online. I was sold and never looked at buying commercial products again.

I love diy-ing too. Watch my natural skin care recipes video here.

Groceries- This was a struggle for me when I started. I was the type that would just dump the groceries in the cart with no care in the world. Now, I still have a long way to go, but I've gotten better than before. Shopping with a list (I utilize the notes app on my phone instead of wasting paper) and buying fruits and veggies that are in season, have allowed me to try new recipes I would have given the side eye. I've also taken advantage of Meatless Monday and have some meatless dishes on my blog.

I love my meats, but it's the most expensive items when I go shopping. Also, I learned that everything doesn't need to be organic. If you can afford it fine, but for those who are on a budget like me, there are some fruits and veggies that don't need to be. Mangoes, avocados, eggplants, and onions are just a few you don't need to spend extra for. Their skin protects them from all the toxins.

Thrifting- I know I can't afford designer clothing but that doesn't mean I can't look like a million bucks. Shopping at second-hand stores is not to be overlooked. Some unique items are there waiting for you to discover. There's also the Really Really Free Market. I was introduced to the RRFM a few years ago and have been going when I can.

It's like an outdoor community garage sale, but here's the thing… you don't pay anything. No money, no barter, no trade. You see something you like, you better go for it before someone else does. That's what I did when I saw a like-new Ann Taylor blazer staring at me dead in my eye. SCORE! I've also brought some items I no longer want or need to the RRFM.

Good luck to you on your journey! Remember to keep it simple and research.

Maggi can be found blogging for the underdogs at CluelessCurl. A blog about her ups and down to an eco-friendly lifestyle. It's a mash-up of Health News, DIY's, Recipes, Natural Hair, and more. She also has a recurring Green Light feature where she highlighting women of color who are on the same journey.

P.S. Yours truly is featured in the Green Light series. Click here to read my interview.

What are some of your eco-friendly tips?

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