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Creativepreneurs: Roniqua and Ronaisha Smith

Roniqua and Ronaisha Smith are two sisters who form Random As Ever.

These two young dream hustlers are my nieces. (I know, right.)

Roniqua and Ronaisha Smith have been singing since forever and became serious about their aspirations to form a group around 13 and 14 years of age. They are currently 17 and 18 years old respectively.


They describe their sound as R&B, laced with soul, and smoothed out with a bit of interesting. 

I admire them for their commitment to their craft and not being afraid of going after their dreams at such a young age.


Watch RAE's interview and leave some encouragement below in the comments for these young women making their mark in the world.

Here are some inspirational nuggets and tips from Roniqua and Ronaisha's interview.

  • On passion: "If you can't go a day without something, it's meant to be in your life". Examine your habits. What is it you want to do everyday for the rest of your life?
  • Make stuff that people can groove and relate to. Roniqua and Ronaisha make music about love, relationships, and life.
  • A morning routine is important. The sisters pray, read scripture, eat an appropriate breakfast, and workout. They also keep their priorities straight by staying on top of their school work. Watch my video on how to simplify your mornings.
  • On passion again: "Whatever it is, go hard." Give your dreams and goals your all.
  • Always be ready. The girls discussed how they had to prepare themselves for people asking them to sing on the spot.
  • Failure is an opportunity to come back harder and stronger. Don't let failure get you down.
  • DIY to save money.They talked about how they purchased their own recording equipment and learned to make their own beats so they wouldn't have to rely on the expense of going to a studio.
  • Stay optimistic. Don't speak negativity into existence.
  • "Keep chasing your dream so hard, you ache at night." Sound advice.

Connect with Roniqua and Ronaisha Smith a.k.a. Random As Ever a.k.a. RAE.





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