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How to Have a Minimalist Summer


How to Have a Minimalist Summer

A part of the minimalist lifestyle is valuing experiences over things and summer is the perfect time to put that into practice. Here are several ways to have a more minimalist summer.

Do Nothing.

Embrace the art of doing nothing. This may be a difficult task for some. “Do nothing” is not a literal suggestion unless that’s your absolute goal. It really means do less than what you’ve been doing. It means not doing anything that can be described as “busy”. Put your to-do list and agenda aside. Follow the days where they take you. Chill. 

Do a few things.

Take advantage of all the free time you have including vacation time, flexible working schedules, lunch breaks, evenings, and weekends. Also, these things don't have to cost a lot of money to accomplish.

  1. Catch up with friends and family. If you’re like me (introverted and hates the cold), you only go out the house when absolutely necessary from mid-November to mid-March. I’m more social when it’s warmer outside. Hit up those cookouts, family reunions, and take some random road trips. Put in some face time.

  2. Declutter. It’s popular to “spring clean”, but the summer is another great time to finally go through all of your stuff. It’s also the best time to have yard sales and make some cash. Clean out your garage, attic, and any other place that’s likely filled with stuff you don’t need or want. Cleaning out areas of your home may save you money on your energy bill. It’s just a theory, but it seems logical it would cost you more to cool your home when you have more stuff per square foot. Your cooling system works more efficiently when air can flow freely.

  3. Plan at least one trip or event where you can learn, be inspired, or have an adventure. Do something you’ve never done before. Check your local media outlets for festivals and other special events nearby.

  4. Go embrace nature. Visit a park or sit under the tree in your backyard. The weather makes this an awesome time to explore the environment. Pick up a few pieces of trash while you’re out there. Get caught in a rainstorm. Try to find some constellations. Jump in a lake.

  5. Read. I once read 30 books in one summer. Take your mind for a walk and get lost in some stories. Mix it up between fiction and non-fiction to keep your mind wandering. Pay your local library a visit or fire up that e-reader.


I LOVE summer. This summer I’ll be visiting the Philippines for a month, working at a summer camp for a few weeks, planning the launch of Black Minimalists, hanging out with family and friends, and doing a whole lot nothing during and in between.


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