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Fear of Letting Go

The fear of letting go is paralyzing.

Letting go is hard to do, but before we talk about letting go, I want to talk about holding on to things.

We hold on to stuff because we are emotionally attached to it.

We convince ourselves we'll need it one day.

We buy more things because of more emotional responses to objects.

They look shiny, new, and hold the promise of giving us something that has eluded us thus far: confidence, style, status, peace, stability.

Letting go means we have to admit the promise was not fulfilled.

As the emotional attachment fades, the object becomes clutter.

We may have to admit we were impulsive or the item no longer has value.

We wasted money that could’ve been used for something we needed.

We never really liked it or no longer like it. We have buyer’s remorse and regrets.

The item may have been a gift we didn't want or need. We have to admit that we didn’t make the best choices.

All of these negative thoughts and feelings are rooted in fear. The fear of change.

If we let go of these things, who will we be? Will people view us differently? Will we be able to get it again, or what we really want?

I’m not going to tell you not to feel the fear.

It’s valid. When you live simply and remove the distractions, you have nothing to fall back on but yourself.

I will tell you to be courageous.

To understand that you are letting go to welcome abundance into your life. Change is good for you. Use your fear as motivation, not only to simplify your life, but to achieve what you truly desire in this life.

Let go.

What fears do you have about letting go of things?

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