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Creativepreneurs: Tasha McZorn

The Creativepreneurs interview series explores the entrepreneurial journeys of creatives of color. 

I first met Tasha when we were both studying at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and she was my Resident Assistant. Later, we both went on to do AmeriCorps during the same time and now we're both on our entrepreneurial journeys. I'm proud to share her story.

What is your creative work or hustle and what inspired you to start?

Well my new venture is called BossLady Entertainment where I currently operate as a Talent Manager. I manage the work, career, and sometimes the life of my solo R&B/Soul artist, Soultareek.

Well my inspiration plays out twofold. Since high school and in church I was curious about the music industry. I love music and always was surrounded by music. The beginning of my life mostly consisted of gospel due to being Pentecostal, but my friends at school started to expose me to Hot 97. My mom told me stories of groups and bands running in my family and then a businessman I worked for put me on CD 101.9.  I also observed my cousin Aaron take his music career on the road and people like House Divas, Barbara Tucker, and Dawn Tallman sing as part of the Praise & Worship team at my church.

That let me know you can love God and still love all types of music while moving in the business. I tabled that thought of being in the business at age 17. The second part... 17 years later (crazy right!), my now artist Soultareek resurrected this idea. He approached me about managing his career. I was totally against it due to knowing nothing about how the business works and I wasn't confident I could do it. I'm in Education and manage middle school students and teachers, not music careers. We realized I could take those same skills I use every day in education and transfer them over to his career. I got my hands on some resources and read up on some dos and don'ts, connected with some veterans from the industry, and can say I'm very proud of myself. That was a long inspiration...lol

How do you access your creativity and prepare to do your work?

It's a combination of picking the brains of veterans and collaborating with my artist. We function more like a team then he wants me to go do this and that. We meet the first week of the month and set goals for him as an artist, myself as a manager, and collaborative goals for ourselves. Afterwards, we go back to the board and see what we accomplished, what we need to roll over to the next month, and what are our next moves.

I also have to say my spirituality. I ask God what is the next move, and thank him in advance for the people he lines up for me to connect with. I ask daily for guidance for me so I won't miss opportunities I normally wouldn't accept.

After that I'm unleashed! Lol! Things and people start to line up based off those goals that are set in the beginning. It's done effortlessly! I don’t have to force, push or step on anyone’s toes to prepare for what I do. Which is definitely the perception and truth about this business.

I read up and watch how well known talent managers, who are responsible for a lot of celebrities’ careers, move or moved. How are you going to know what to do if you don't seek the wisdom from those who’ve already done it? I connect with local talent managers as well.

What do you hope to inspire or accomplish?

A few things… I hope to inspire others to go for your dreams. I hope to inspire others to go with the flow. Sometimes you have to turn the control button off and stop trying to force things to go this way when you know good and well God got this sharp left turn coming. Just go for it!

I hope to inspire others to go own your own. Whatever it is, don't let your plan be to retire and live off your pension. You have your 9-5, great! Is that something you can leave for your grandchildren? your great grand? Remember to build a legacy for your family!

What I hope to accomplish with BossLady Entertainment:

  • I hope, no will, accomplish being the "go to" establishment to package independent artists and present them for successful distribution and record deals. I don't expect to have a bunch of artists on my roster, but I do expect to have a successful track record of building artists up and getting them out there into the world.
  • I'm looking to extend my service at BossLady Entertainment managing Fashion Models careers (I graduated with a B.S. in Fashion Marketing) as well as event planning for upcoming and known artists.
  • Just because I feel how this flow is going and I'm not going to question it or ask how and why...it will all come together, have my very own establishment where I can offer the record deals and distribution.

At this point anything is possible and I'm NOT going to second guess myself or say NO to anything that God put in place for me to get there!

What if any surprises or challenges have you encountered?



Finding the balance managing your dreams and life while driving and pushing to make someone else’s dream come true. Unexpectedly your life becomes intertwined with the people you manage. I noticed that with my work as BossLady and in my 9-5 job as a Director. Just finding that balance, but also being realistic that hey, it's going to be like this sometimes but don't have to be all the time.

Surprises: How many people believe men and women can't work together unless there are hidden agendas. I know we’ve got Love and Hip Hop giving everybody some insight into the industry, but my name is Latasha "BossLady" McZorn...ummmm I don't WANT or NEED to roll like that to make ish happen. And that is that!

Support and Supporters! Very shocked to see how artists will get love and actually help from the people outside of their camp or city. Strangers will support you sometimes better than your own family. So to see that happen and hear a lot of other artists mimic the same message is helping me steer a different way in managing my artist.

Lessons: (I'm adding this)

Somebody can big you up all they want, but when you ain't buying the CDs, downloading the iTunes, attending the shows, helping you post or share or coming out to help or even ASK how can I help.... You note it and move accordingly.

How do you practice self-care and recharge?

I plan for it and follow the shifts in the season. I fall back and make sure I take care of me, my family, and my needs. You can end up as an entrepreneur doing everything yourself or pushing so hard for somebody else vision you forget about your own personal needs. So I plan it and just do it! What good are you for the people you are planning to serve or product you are planning to produce if you're off! Nobody else will take care of you better than you! So do it!

What advice do have for women considering entrepreneurship?

  • You get the idea and write it down. Now I remember writing my ideas down about the music when I was 17. Boom in my journal, done. So that is the first step.
  • When something opens up that connects to your vision and dream, entertain it.
  • Start researching it up! Get some resources. Look up career stories of individuals who successfully made it in the field you are interested in pursuing.
  • Be open to a mentor. I have someone with 10+ years in the industry I can call on to ping ideas off, reflect on my actions, and see if I'm on the right path. Some of you will seek and find your mentors. Other will have people whose been watching your moves and the mentors will just come into your life. The mentor shows up when the student is ready. So be open to one!
  • Just go! Get started, get the LLC, go ahead and build the site, start the instagram page, get the business cards. Just go ahead and do it. The worst you can do is fail! Guess what? Remember that last thing that failed or didn't go through? How you doing? It’s over right? Had some stuff you had to put back together and changes had to be made..but it’s over right? Okay, so just go! Failure is temporary, so just start. People are in graves with dreams they never fulfilled or was too scared to start. Think of this... Whose dreams, jobs or legacy are you holding up because you won't fulfill yours? People are waiting on you!

Girl just go and get started!

What are your other dreams and goals?

I would love to have my own school. Start from preschool to whatever grade I can fulfill during my life. My children, grand-children or great grands might fulfill my legacy but I can at least start it.

Another is to travel the world! I want to take my artist all over the world because sometimes your own backyard won't recognize your skills and talents until others do. So one of my goals is to take BossLady Entertainment international!

Of course one of my other goals and dreams is to be married and have my own family. Sometimes women entrepreneurs be faking the funk like they don't want no man. Remember a BossLady needs a BossMan so one of my dreams is to marry my King and build our own legacy. ;)

Another dream of mine is to either have my own successful segment on a radio or television show.

What are you most proud of with your business?

I am so proud of everything! BossLady Entertainment’s one year anniversary is coming up in two months. Not having any industry background, my artist Soultareek has completed his first EP. He just released his first album (which is fire!!!), had his album release party, participated in DJ Absolut’s Rock the Mic showcase in NYC, his first music video about to drop on VeVo in a few days, building his collabo portfolio with other artists, and I have a new opportunity to become a talent manager for an independent record label. All from just saying YES and just going for it!

I am still in awe and thank God every day. As long as I follow and listen to God I know he got my back and I will keep going until he tells me... done!

Where can we learn more about you?

Request Me

IG: BossLady_Entertainment

You can hear me online w/my co host Frisco Kid on Saturdays, 9am-12pm on Kingdom Wave Radio.

Also join us on FB:The Frisco Kid's Kingdom Wave Radio Show.

Anything you would like to add?

Yes! You know I have to promote! :)

Follow my artist, listen, and share his music.

FB: Soultareek

IG: Soultareek_

His album Consciously Thinking is available on iTunes, TIDAL and Google Play. Download, Share, Comment!

Also, I’m looking for new Female and Male artists ages 15 & up in R&B, HipHop, Gospel and Pop. Hit me up at bosslady.management14@gmail.com

Thank you so much for reading and I hope I inspired at least one person to get up and go or to keep going!


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