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Creativepreneurs: Brittany Anderson-El

Creativepreneurs: Brittany Anderson-El

I met Brittany about five years ago when we both worked as academic advisors. We've both since moved on from that work (blessings!) and I'm happy to present Brittany's entrepreneurial story to you. She is the owner and creator of Nola's Blossom "where beauty & healing dwell". 

What is your creative work and what inspired you to start?

My entire life is my creative project, however the one piece of work I am currently indulged in is Nola's Blossom. It is a business venture dedicated to an organic approach to hair and body care maintenance. I started to develop my own hair care products in 2011 and over time began to make products for my close friends and family. As the demand grew so did my desire to build my brand.

The inspiration was actually triggered by my relationship that ended the spring of 2015. My recovery was going terribly and I needed something to pour myself into. My mother saw how badly the break up was affecting me and encouraged me even more than before to start the groundwork for my business. So with a sweet mix of passion and anxiety, I conjured up the nerve and I went for it. Nola's Blossom launched on August 3rd of 2015. 

How do you access your creativity and prepare to do your work?

When I need to be inspired, I have to be in complete silence not just as it relates to Nola's Blossom but anything. Writing, working, dreaming, it all has to be done in the confines of my solitude with no distractions. It is there that my creativity feasters. I also need cleanliness. To focus and prepare orders, or organize my online shop, or brainstorm on new ideas, my entire workspace has to be spotless. This may seem minuscule but it's one of the most important parts of my process. I find that if my work environment isn't welcoming and neat then my creativity won't flow. 

What do you hope to inspire or accomplish?

I want to inspire women not only to return their hair back to its natural state but also invest in quality products that will nourish and provide sustenance for their hair as well. Also I want to help women transition from using skin products filled with alcohol and sulfates to products that are made with ingredients from the earth that complement their chemical makeup. 


What if any surprises or challenges have you encountered?

I can't say that this was a surprise or a challenge more so than it was a realization. And that is the amount of money it took to start Nola's Blossom. I was so detailed in what I envisioned for my brand, and that meant purchasing high quality ingredients, paying for professional photographs, buying the expensive appliances that were best suited for what I wanted to create. There was no room for cutting corners. Was it worth it? Absolutely, but my goodness it cost me. 

How do you practice self-care and recharge?

Besides being a business owner I am also an Advanced Reiki Practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese form of touch therapy. It promotes inner healing and self awareness. So I'm big on meditation and silencing the mind. When I need to get away and gather myself it is through reiki healing and sitting with myself in silence. And as random as it may seem, recharging sometimes involves the maintenance of my hair. Putting in a deep conditioner or moisturizing my scalp is so relaxing, lol and it truly helps me unwind. 

What advice do you have for women considering entrepreneurship? 

The first time I attempted to make a whipped shea butter I failed horribly and had to throw it away. However, I kept at it and I knew I wanted to be an Alchemist of some sort. So I tried again and again and again until I got it down to a science. When something tugs at your spirit,  you are required to respond. The universe will guide you, so let it.  Your passions, your skill sets, your visions, take them with you everywhere you go. Allow them to enter all of your conversations. Write them down over and over again. Become obsessed until you can no longer stand your visions not being manifested. And then,…. just fucking go for it. 

What are your other dreams and goals?

I aspire to become a Master Teacher in the field of Reiki. I am currently a vegetarian and I am striving to be a raw food vegan. I have an obsession with interior design and one day I desire to be a consultant for the design of homes and small businesses. I'm currently working on a chapbook which will be a collection of my poetry from 2014 until now, it is my hope that it will be published late next year. It is my goal to one day be a wholesale distributor for raw and organic ingredients. I also want to be a certified Doula focusing on prenatal and postpartum care. And yes, the cliche dream of having a family, in whatever package that comes in, I want that too. 


What are you most proud of with your business?

That I have full creative control over every product that is in my shop and that the decisions I make regarding Nola's Blossom are done with integrity.  

Where can we learn more about you?

Instagram: Nola.Darling

Snapchat: Nola.Darling

Facebook: Nola's Blossom

And of course, to purchase items for yourself or someone you know Nola's Blossom is available on Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/NolasBlossom 


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