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Wrapping Up 2015: Year in Review

2015 Year in Review

Twenty-fifteen was the year for relaunching this site with a minimalist perspective, finally getting rid of the last pieces of clutter I owned, and building community. I can definitely say that this year has laid the groundwork for a simplified, focused, and expansive 2016.

Earlier in the year, I created Live Simply and Be Free: Declutter Workbook which addressed how to clear physical clutter, mental and emotional clutter, financial clutter, digital clutter, and other key life areas. This was the first book I’ve ever written and it was exciting to release it and receive feedback.

It contains 104 pages of tips, prompts, worksheets, and checklists. I will be updating and repackaging the workbook in the new year, so from now until December 25, you can grab it for only $5 here. It makes a great little gift for a friend or relative who could use some decluttering help before entering 2016.

This year marked a shift in my journey from heavy decluttering and not buying unnecessary stuff to focusing more on a minimalist mindset and well-being. I do believe that minimalism is ultimately a spiritual journey and in 2016, I will expand more on the mental and spiritual aspects of minimalism.

Next year, I will be resuming my coaching with these aspects in the framework. If you’re interested in working with me in the future on simplifying your life goals and developing a minimalist mindset, please sign up here to get more information when coaching sessions are available.

I am honored to have been able to start a conversation amongst black minimalists and begin to draw us together as a community. Representation and acknowledgement matters in any movement and I’m excited to continue this conversation and grow our community in 2016.

For those who are working hard towards the simple + free life, please stay encouraged by these stories and look out for more great content to come. Check out the Black Minimalists interviews so far and part one of Black Minimalists on the Web. I have more interviews waiting to go out and part two of black minimalists on the web coming in the new year.

I was also happy to resume the Creativepreneurs interview series I first began when I started this blog back in 2014. Read the new interviews from the fall and stay tuned for more of this series. I will continue to highlight those women carving out a space for themselves and creating a freedom-based lifestyle on their own terms.

Here are some of the most popular minimalism posts from the past year. These posts include my reflections on my own minimalist journey as well as things for you to consider on your journey. 

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Additionally, with the holiday season underway and in preparation for the new year, I wanted to re-share these popular posts to help your transition, clear out the old, and prepare for the new. 

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Finally, two more things I’m very excited about.  I will be updating the site over the next few weeks, so as of December 26th, the site will be under construction. I will be hosting my first live online event Monday, December 28th, at 8pm EST.

This will be a live hangout via YouTube so mark you calendars (a reminder email will be sent). I will be answering questions and comments I’ve received over the year, as well as any posted during the live event. I will also be chatting about my plans for 2016 as well as tips for setting goals and intentions for a new year. It’s BYOW, Bring Your Own Wine. Please hit reply on this email with any questions or topics you’d like me to address during the hangout and I’ll see you there.

Thank you for your support and a wonderful year of growth.

How did your year go?

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Black Minimalists on the Web: Part Two

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