32 Ways Minimalism Has Impacted My Life

Just in case you needed a few more reasons to embrace minimalism and start your journey, I have compiled 32 ways minimalism has impacted my life. The ways are not in any particular order.

Critical, discerning, analytical, and questioning- I look at everything differently now. I'm less likely to accept what's on the surface. In past situations, I was afraid to question things because I thought it would appear that I didn't understand.

Conscious- I’m aware of myself, surroundings, and the impact I have on them. I have an increased personal, cultural, and environmental consciousness.

Better writer- It's all about editing. I write shorter sentences, with less adjectives, and get to the point quicker.

Organized- With less clutter, it’s easy for me to sort and find items.

Style- By paring down my wardrobe, I was able to solidify and identify my style.

Focused- I’ve reduced the multi-tasking and can better ignore distractions.

Refined design skills- I can compose a web page, graphic, or piece of jewelry that matches my tastes.

Courageous- I’m willing to do more things in spite of fear.

Distinguish needs from wants- I could do this before, but I chose to rationalize the things I wanted. Learning to accept delayed gratification is also key here.

Travel alone and efficiently- I've traveled alone with a reasonable budget and feel like I can go anywhere now.

Learned to say no- There were certain people in my life that I felt guilty saying no to, but I realized I had to make a choice to do what's best for me and they would get over it.

Learned to say yes- I welcome the things that I emphatically want.

Creative- I’ve learned to make more from less.

Clarify my goals- I can do this in general and in all areas of my life.

Clarify my business message- I redesigned my website and found a topic that I'm passionate about.

Reduced my possessions, recycle, and reduce impact on the environment.

Charitable- I donate or giveaway my clutter to charitable organizations, friends and family. I also donate more to projects and causes I believe in.

Spiritual- I meditate and pray more. I also more easily isolate the causes of my feelings and symptoms.

Self-promotional- I’m less afraid to promote myself and my message. As Andrea Lewis says, "Social media is for self-promotion." We are promoting ourselves to connect with others.

Productive- I know how to prioritize and focus on the essential tasks.

Save time and simplify routines- See my simple mornings and simple evenings videos.

Live on a limited income and budget appropriately- I’ve been working part-time in various jobs and pursuits for a couple of years now in addition to creating my businesses and I know how to stretch my money.

Self-editing- Looking internally at thoughts, feelings and the words that come out of my mouth.

Wrote my first book- Live Simply + Be Free Declutter workbook.

Slow down and have more patience- I'm more present and embrace the moments.

Connect to others- Both in person and virtually. It’s refreshing to find people who share your desires and values and to learn more about others in general.

Accepting- Everyone has their own path and it’s not my place to have an opinion about it.

Authentic- Not that I was fake before, but now I know myself better and can portray myself more accurately.

Less worry- Many things and outcomes are not in my control. A way will always appear.

More responsible and mature- I accept my involvement, actions, and roles.

Less judgmental- We all judge. I just try to do it less these days and do more of #27.

Outspoken- I found my voice and feel more comfortable sharing my opinion.

Plus two more.

Take risks- I've left jobs and overall reduced the hours I spend working for others, not afraid to make mistakes, and invest in myself through training and other ventures.

Confidence- Overall, I've grown significantly and feel secure in the person that I am today.

How has minimalism or simple living impacted you?