Black Minimalists on the Web

black minimalists
black minimalists

When I first started exploring minimalist resources online, I noticed that many of the popular people advocating minimalism, like The Minimalists, Courtney Carver, and Joshua Becker were white, save for Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, who is from Guam.

"Now I know there are some black minimalists out there in the world", I thought to myself, and so began my search with every keyword combination I could muster with no luck. 

I realized this was not going to be simple at all. I had to start wide, sort through tons the results, check the sidebar of YouTube for suggested videos, and just be on alert for my tribe while generally perusing the web.

A cursory search of "black minimalist" yields two top hits for the Happy Black Woman (Rosetta Thurman, listed below) and then things veer left, but that's about to change.

I’m happy to say I’ve found some, but this is only a starting point.This was a labor of love I thoroughly enjoyed. My excitement rose each time I found a new tribe member.

What follows below is a list of content creators of color. They are in all different stages of their minimalist journeys and discuss various aspects of their simple lifestyles including health, beauty, finances, creativity, self-care, style, eco-friendly living and more.

The list is alphabetical and I have included a brief synopsis of their content and links to their platforms.

Adrianna and Chris Sargent-

Helmed by a creative husband and wife team, Twenty Six Company showcases the couple’s portfolio, personal style, and efforts at creating a “minimal and liberating lifestyle”.

black minimalists
black minimalists

Adrienne Bennett

Adrienne is a comedian, speaker, blogger/vlogger, and avid crocheter. She shares her interests in pursuit of creating the life she wants to live.

Ambrosia Malbrough- ;

Ambrosia is a jewelry designer, blogger, and vlogger who shares her beauty, style, and natural hair tips, along with her minimal lifestyle in Arizona.

Baiyina Hughley-

Baiyina is an interior designer with simple, elegant, yet eclectic style. She shares great ideas and resources for organizing and creating a home that reflects your personal style.

black minimalists
black minimalists


Cassandra shares her journey of tiny house living along with the work of the Long Spoon Collective.


Danielle shares life and minimalist updates including road trips and her graduate studies.

David Oragui-

David is a balanced life practitioner who is dedicated to helping people find balance and carve out their own space in life.


Dawn shares her thoughts and experiences on all things beauty including skin care, hair care, eco-chic style, and living a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

black minimalists
black minimalists

Deedra Boodram

Deedra is a vlogger who shares her minimalist and debt-free journeys, including budget report cards, no-spend months, meal planning, and family life.


Francheska specializes in healthy living and natural beauty.

*Francheska recently announced on her Facebook that she was exploring minimalism, but hasn't created any specific content yet, though I think her lifestyle speaks to simple living.


Francine’s mantra is “create a beautiful simple life” and her expertise is creative simplicity. She shows you how to craft and decorate without all the clutter and overwhelm.

*I don't know if Francine identifies as a minimalist, but I consider her a part of this tribe.

black minimalists
black minimalists

India Jackson-

India is a photographer and makeup artist. She shares snapshots of her career and minimalist journey through her diary-blog.

black minimalists
black minimalists

Kelvin Belfon-

Kelvin helps you “focus on what matters most”. He tackles the art of simple living from many aspects including minimalist tips for relationships and families.

black minimalists
black minimalists

Letitia Elizabeth- ;

Letitia shares her journey to minimalism, her tips for the perfect minimalist wardrobe, and resources for ethical fashion on her personal blog. This year she launched her eco-luxe home fashion brand also.

black minimalists
black minimalists


Maggi shares her “clueless” journey to leading an eco-friendly and healthy life. She documents her natural skin and hair care regimen, meals and recipes, and spotlights women of color through her Green Light interview series and brand reviews.

Pastaveia and Sean-

The duo shares their journey to living an eco-conscious, minimalist lifestyle. Their goal is to rethink their habits, mindsets, and teach others about preserving the earth’s resources.

Rosetta Thurman-

Rosetta helps women create their ideal lives through personal development and entrepreneurship. She also shares her minimalist journey and location independent lifestyle.

black minimalists
black minimalists


RyMingTahn shares her journey of becoming vegan, minimalist, buying cruelty free, and her love of diy-ing and thrifting.

Sadiya Marie-

Sadiya shares her journey to a more holistic lifestyle to include minimalism, veganism, yoga, and more.

Sophia Burke-

Sophia shares her interests in minimalism, design, and style, while creating a more balanced and simple lifestyle.

black minimalists
black minimalists

Tara Efobi

Tara shares her college experiences, beauty and style favorites, along with her journey into minimalism.

Timothy Ward

Timothy shares his minimalist experience and daily motivations.

Please support the folks listed and efforts to create a community within the larger minimalist movement. I have started reaching out to many on the list for interviews, so you will see some featured on the blog very soon.

This list is not exhaustive. If you know of more minimalists of color who are content creators, please send me an email at and I will add them to the list.

This post, along with the Black Minimalists interviews, and the forthcoming video and blog series, Minimalism for Black Liberation, are apart of my larger goal to educate people of color on the benefits of simple living and elevate our voices in the minimalist movement.